MoPOP’s premier 21-and-under music  competition supports the local music scene by giving artists of all backgrounds the opportunity to showcase original music on a large platform and take the next step in their music careers.

In support of this mission, I expanded the program's promotional campaign to include both short videos and long-form interviews. These offerings gave participants a platform to share their journey and message beyond their live performances.

Responsible for overall messaging, interviews, social media content and strategy, blog, video production, and live social coverage.

The Flavor is Everything

i///u blends traditional soul with a dash of pop inspiration to create a neo soul sound that is all their own. Smooth brass flows over up-tempo rhythms while dynamic instrumental arrangements give a spicy edge to their stew of jazz, R&B, and soul. Take a sip, but be careful, these tunes are hot.

Loud But Loving

Indie rock band Fuzz Mutt are the perfect musical metaphor for a summer music festival: cheerful and sunny upon arrival but mosh through a couple sets and you’ll find yourself completely consisting of rivers of sweat and wild-eyed sonic transcendence.


Wilson calls himself an inter-dimensional explorer, and I think he might be on to something. Simultaneously cheerful and dark, Wilson’s beats and beeps pulse with the energy of an alien with unlimited access to millennial MTV.