More fun than punching a tree with a pork chop, it's MINECON Earth!

To promote Minecraft's event at MoPOP, I created a social campaign that got people to leave the comfort of their homes (or their yurts, or shanties, or castles) and join fellow crafters for this mega unique event.

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MINECON Earth Party at MoPOP

Sometimes all you want to do is sit on your bed, wearing a unicorn onesie, drinking hot cocoa, holding a diamond pick axe, and watch a live stream without a single soul for 100 miles. And that’s OK.

But if you’re looking for a place to gather and celebrate Minecraft with others, the MINECON Earth Party at MoPOP is your ticket! MINECON Earth parties are a fantastic way to enjoy the biggest Minecraft event of the year with friends, family, and other players, all over the world!

Basically it’s an excuse for crafting enthusiasts to get together, watch the stream, and take part in very cool activities for crafters.


There's nothing like a well-crafted print program. Puns! I can't help myself.

MINECON Earth Program